The Rising Cost Of Car Insurance

Posted on April 12, 2011 · Posted in News

A survey undertaken by What Car? has found that more than 80 per cent are paying more for there car insurance than they did a year ago. Only 16 per cent are paying less.  The average rise in car insurance is at 33 per cent. But it seems that young drivers are facing the biggest hikes.

What car found a man who’s car insurance had risen by 77 per cent to £1,520 . He now faces paying a yearly premium that is more than the value of his Skoda Fabia.

It seems that this isn’t the only case of massive insurance price hikes.  An 18 year old girl had seen here premiums soar to £4,250 per year for a Ford Fiesta and increase of 52 per cent on last year’s car insurance premiums.  Neither of these drivers had made a claims or received any endorsements on their licences.

It seems that it is uninsured drivers that are to blame. The association of British Insurers believe that uninsured drivers  add on average £30 per year to insurance policies while people making fraudulent claims and adding £41 and personal injury claims are adding a further £41 a years to your insurance premiums.

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