Direct Line.

Multi Car Insurance Discount

With Direct Line multi-car insurance you get 10% off each car when you insure multiple cars in the same household. That’s 10% off the first car, the second, and any after that.

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Uninsured Driver Promise

Direct Lines uninsured drivers promise, if you make a claim for an accident that is not your fault and the driver of the car that hits you is’nt insured, you will keep your no claims discount and won’t pay any excess.

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Named Driver No Claims Discount

Direct Line offers a no claims discount bonus to named drivers on the policy. So when they get a quote from Direct Line they will take into account each year that a they haven’t made a claim.

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 About Direct Line

It is hard to believe that Direct Line Insurance has only been around since 1985.  In that short space of time, they have accomplished much in the insurance industry. When Direct Line first started out the company office in Croydon contained 63 employees.  Today, Direct Line has 10,000 employees located throughout the UK and is rated as the leading direct car insurer in the UK.  Not bad for a company that is still in its 20s.  Direct Line Insurance went global with their business in the 1990s, selling car insurance in Spain, Italy, and Germany.  In fact, Linea Directa is the largest direct car insurer in Spain.On average, Direct Line provides more than 13,000 car insurance quotes every day; a policy is sold at least every 10 seconds; and customers notify a claim every 30 seconds.  With figures like these, it is easy to see why Direct Line has grown so much, and so quickly.

About Direct Line Multi Car Insurance

Direct Line offers a multi-car insurance policy that provides a range of discounts if you insure more than one vehicle under a single policy. How does it work?  If you insure more than one car, you are eligible for a discount.  If the owner of the additional car is not related to you, but they live at the same address as you, you are still eligible for the discount.  This discount also applies if you are a named driver on another Direct Line car insurance policy.

As part of this great deal, if you purchase a second car, Direct Line will also match your no claims discount if you are the only person to drive the car.  Another benefit of this offer is that you can save money on their breakdown cover for multi-vehicles, which will save you even more money.This is a very cost effective way to obtain insurance cover if a family has three or four cars being used from the same address.  A husband and wife and children over 17 years of age often have their own cars these days and insuring them individually is more expensive than using a multicar insurance policy.

It does not matter what cover you need, Direct Line has many policies for you to choose from.  There is comprehensive cover that will cover you if your car has been stolen or is damaged in an accident; it will also cover any damage that you have caused to another person’s vehicle or property.  There is also the standard Third Party Fire and Theft policy that will cover the cost of repair of damage you have caused to another person’s vehicle or property, and will also cover your car if it is stolen or fire damaged.  Finally, they offer a Third Party Only cover that will just cover claims made by a third party against you.

When you take out a car insurance policy with Direct Line, you will also receive an Accident Action Pack.  This will tell you what to do if you have an accident, and also provide you with access to the Direct Line 24-hour Accident Helpline and the 24-hour Windscreen Helpline.

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