Multi Car Insurance Discount

In your first year save 15% for each additional car you insurance with Churchill Multi Car Insurance.  Then a 10% discount will be offered every year after that.

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Free Guaranteed Hire Car

Applied as an introductory discount for comprehensive cover. Losses have to occur in the UK. Excludes Windscreen claims. Offer ends 31/04/13.

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Uninsured Driver Cover

Churchill will protect your No Claims Discount if, by no fault of your own, an uninsured driver hits your car – and they will cover your excess too. Comprehensive cover only.

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About Churchill Multi Car Insurance

Multi-car insurance is designed for households with more than one car – which isn’t a rare things these days; it’s not uncommon for both partners in a family to have a car, and older teenagers might also have their own vehicle, too. If this is you, then multi-car insurance from Churchill might well be worth considering. Insuring multiple vehicles on one multi-car insurance policy is often cheaper than having separate policies for each car.

This is partially because it’s easier for Churchill; one policy is quicker and easier to write up than three policies, and so the savings made on administration and resources get passed on to you. On top of this, cheaper rates for multi-car insurance are offered as an incentive to customers to encourage them to buy all of their car insurance from the same provider, and Churchill is no different.

A multi-car insurance policy can cover you in a variety of circumstances. It could be that you own two cars and simply want them both covered on the same policy, or it could be that there are multiple car-owners living in your household. This could be you and your partner, children, or even your friends and housemates; as long as you’re all in the same household, you can get joint cover with Churchill multi-car insurance.

Different providers will often offer different incentives for the purchase of multi-car insurance; at Churchill, you’ll get a special 15% discount for your first year of insurance, and 10% every year thereafter. This means that every year you renew your multi-car insurance policy with Churchill, you’ll make even more savings.

Of course, money isn’t everything; with any car insurance – and particularly, multi-car insurance – it’s important to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re covered for everything you need. With Churchill, you’ll get 24-hour accident recovery, so it doesn’t matter what time you’re driving, and you’ll also have repairs guaranteed for five years, provided you’re using an approved repairer. Churchill offer up to 65% No Claim Discount which you can choose to protect after four years, and you’ll even get cover for personal belongings in your car.

Churchill also have accidents covered through and through; you’ll get personal accident cover for the policyholder, as well as the holder’s spouse or partner, and medical expenses following an accident will also be covered. You can also get new for old cover on cars that are under 12 months old, and of course, third party fire and theft cover is available from Churchill.

Signing up to a Churchill multi-car insurance policy is a simple process and you’ll get full cover on every car you insure. You’re also likely to get it cheaper than you would with separate policies. Not only is a multi-car insurance policy less work for you, it’ll save you money as well, making it a sensible choice.

About Churchill

Churchill are one of the UK’s most popular providers of insurance. Established in 1989 as a provider of car and motor insurance, Churchill have expanded over the years and are now a provider of various kinds of insurance including: Car and motor insurance,  Home insurance, Travel insurance, Pet insurance,  Breakdown cover, Van insurance & Motorcycle insurance.

Known across the UK as a trusted provider, Churchill cover all of your insurance needs. The quality and service provided by Churchill is demonstrated in the company’s award history; the firm won the title of Best Online Motor Insurance Provider in 2007 and 2006, as well as Best Motor Insurance Provider in 2006.

Churchill also prides itself on maintaining an excellent level of customer service. The insurance provider endeavours to be people-focused, challenging and passionate; which means that with Churchill, it’s not just your cover that’s excellent – the quality of service you receive is also a top priority with the Churchill team.

Churchill are a UK-based company, with all of their call centres situated across the United Kingdom. If you’s like to to sign up with one of Churchill’s insurance policies, you can do so both online and over the phone.