About Aviva Multi Car Insurance

For every additional car that you ensure with Aviva, they will provide a discount of up to 15%.  When the time comes to renew your current vehicle insurance, Aviva will simply deduct that 15% from the premium.  In addition to the monetary savings that this offer presents, there are also a few other benefits that come with Aviva’s multi-car cover.  If you have a no-claims discount on your existing car through Aviva, the company will undertake to match this discount on any additional vehicles you insure with them – up to a maximum of 70%. Their car insurance starts as low as £191 per year, with Aviva claiming that 10% of their customers pay no more than this.

While there are certainly benefits to be had from purchasing multi-car insurance from Aviva, there are also certain conditions that must be met in order to qualify for such cover.  For a start, you’ll need to have a comprehensive car insurance policy – third party doesn’t cut it on this occasion.  Also, multi-car insurance can only be applied to the named driver of the policy and to their partner, assuming they have one.  In other words, children or anyone else who lives in the same household as you will not be eligible for cover as part of a multi-car policy.  For motorists – and their spouses – who are in a position to benefit from taking out Aviva multi-car insurance, there are a number of useful services that come as standard.  Should you find yourself involved in an accident that renders your car undriveable, Aviva promise to come to your rescue.  Irrespective of what time of the day or night your mishap occurs, Aviva will arrange for you and your vehicle to be collected from the scene of the accident.

Drivers who take out multi-car cover with Aviva will build up their own no-claims record, independently of their partner.  Because each driver accrues their own insurance history with the company, it means that if there is an accident, there are no recriminations as the other person needn’t worry about losing their no-claims bonus.

Your car can then be dropped off at a garage or at your house.  If you’re still up for travelling, in spite of the accident you’ve just been involved in, Aviva will also arrange for you to be transported on to your intended destination.  Drivers who purchase Aviva multi-car insurance online will also be able to access a section of the website called MyPolicy.  This enables them to instantly view their documents – ideal for situations where proof of insurance is needed in a hurry.

About Aviva

Aviva are the UK’s leading general insurer, with a market share of around 13%.  They are no strangers to the world of motor insurance and, like most of their major rivals, offer a range of multi-car policies.  While these retain many of the benefits and features that typify multi-car insurance as a whole, Aviva also have their own way of doing things.  If you are considering taking out a multi-car policy, it is thus worth investigating exactly what Aviva can offer.  Although there are a number of points to be aware of, Aviva’s multi-car cover is thankfully quite easy to understand.

With so many potential vehicles and drivers in one household to take into account, it would be easy for multi-car insurance to turn into a logistical nightmare.  Thankfully, Aviva keep things as simple as is reasonably possible.