Which Companies Offer Multi Car Insurance

Posted on April 12, 2012 · Posted in Insurance Guides

If you’ve set your heart on purchasing multi car insurance, then congratulations – you’ve made the first step towards obtaining cover for all your vehicles.  That just leaves one more step to complete, which technically makes it the last step – buying the multi car insurance.  While there are no shortage of companies out there willing to offer you such cover, it is worth noting that not everyone specialises in multi car insurance.  Some insurers don’t sell it at all, while others, although willing to provide it, appear less willing to offer a bulk discount, which kind of defeats the point of multi-car insurance altogether.

One company who are happy to offer multi car insurance is Admiral.  While some insurers seem to have tacked multi car on as an afterthought – if at all – Admiral have clearly put a lot of thought into theirs.  They offer various incentives and deals for houses with two or more cars.  These can range from 10% up to a generous 23% for homes whose driveways resemble a parking lot.  Direct Line also offer multi car insurance, as you would expect from a company whose range of services is so comprehensive.  As well as offering a discount for households that are on the same policy, they will also grant you a multi car insurance discount if you are a named driver on another Direct Line policy – even if it’s registered to different address.  The maximum discount the company is prepared to offer on multi-car insurance is capped at around 15% however, so if you have a number of vehicles needing cover, there may be cheaper insurers out there.  Aviva offer a similar deal, with a 15% discount on each additional car you insure with them.  They will only offer multi car cover to the main householder and their partner however, so grannies, children and mothers-in-law will still have to take care of themselves.   A few minutes browsing the web should be enough to throw up a multitude of multi car insurers – then all you’ve got to do is decide which one’s right got you.