The World of Multi Car Insurance

Posted on September 24, 2012 · Posted in News

Car insurance companies are now doing everything within their power to try and hook in new customers to shop with them and for that matter, retain their existing ones. One of the options that they have been offering customers lately is multi car insurance.

Multi car insurance is something that consumers will find hugely beneficial if they have more than one vehicle. For instance a family with 2-3 vehicles might find it useful for all family members to be insured on all of the cars. The reality is that the extra cost is generally high. Multi car insurance policies tend to offer an overall discount, starting at around 10%, but sometimes being as high as 25%, making the overall policy attractive and affordable.

A lot of people are confused how insuring vehicles in one policy, is actually any different to insuring them separately and therefore, why the price differs. Essentially, the insurance company will focus on the details, the fact that each car will not be driven by the individual at the same time and therefore the chances of an accident are limited to one vehicle. Of course they also take into account a kind of “bulk” discount, rewarding their consumers for insuring all cars with their company, which helps to drive the cost down.

With motoring costing more and more each year, it is important to save money wherever possible. Multi car insurance policies give people an excellent opportunity to save between 10%-25% and even more on some occasions, without making any sacrifices.