Save Money with Multi Car Insurance

Posted on April 12, 2012 · Posted in Insurance Guides

Multi Car Insurance – isn’t it awesome?  You get to insure your whole family on one policy and there’s less fiddling about with multiple insurers, less paperwork, less hassle trying to remember renewal dates and you can be covered to drive all the cars in your household.

That’s pretty impressive, huh?  Well, sort of.  Useful as all these benefits may be, that’s not why people buy multi-car insurance.  The predominant factor that dictates any insurance policy is ultimately one of price.  Sure, courtesy cars and generous no claims bonuses are all very nice, but these are merely the icing on the cake.  The cake itself however is made of money.  That’s why people shop online for insurance and go to price comparison websites like – to get the cheapest quote possible.  We can’t choose whether or not we have insurance – it’s mandatory if you want to scorch the tarmac of any public road in this country.  We can choose how much we pay for it however, and one of the best ways to do so is by taking out a multi-car policy.  If your family have several vehicles between them – and most do these days – multi car insurance is the way forward.

The reason why it is often cheaper than separate policies is because insurers are understandably eager to secure your custom.  If you’re going to reward them with all your business, they’re going to reward you with a generous discount.  It’s only fair, given that you’re still going to have to part with some hard-earned in order to insure several vehicles.  As well as saving yourself time and money by purchasing multi-car cover, you’re also saving the insurance company time and money in having to process several different policies.  This reduction in administration fees is another reason why multi car insurance companies  are more likely to look favorably on your request for a group discount.

Of course, each policy varies according to a number of other factors that can influence the price you ultimately pay.  If your entire family are previously-convicted drunk drivers with a dozen points on each license, don’t be too outraged if your multi-car quote turns out to be prohibitively expensive.  It’s not a given that multi-car insurance is always cheaper, but if you shop around and choose a sensible policy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t walk away from the exchange feeling suitably smug.