New Government Motoring Law

Posted on July 2, 2011 · Posted in News

In what is seen as the biggest shake up of motor laws for decades could see the number of speed camera cuts, and has scrapped grants for new speed cameras all together.  The government is  considering raising the speed limit on the motorways for 70 mph to 80  mph. The speed limit on the motor ways hasn’t ever been changed seen it was first put in place in 1965.  Although it seems to be in very early stages with no assessments having been undertaken as yet.  Some hope that this increase in speed limit will help to boot the economy.  The UK has one of the lowest speed limits in the whole of Europe. With France and Italy having a speed limit of 81 MPH while Ireland,  Portugal and be all have motorway speed limits of 75Mph.

Government ministers are also set to pass a new law next year that will punish those who drive aggressively  and the roads.  the move will see those who are seen tailgating undertaking, cutting up other drivers or behaving in a way that is deemed aggressive. These drivers are set to receive up to a £100 on the spot instead of having to go to court. The move will also see those who commit minor offences spared points on their licence. Transport minister Phillip Hammond has declared this as an end to the war on ordinary drivers who make honest mistakes.

The Mr Hammond sates that  We want to make a clear distinction between those drivers who are a real danger to road safety reckless, dangerous drivers and those who are merely occasionally careless or who make an honest mistake”

The new rules also look at forcing those who are disqualified, to take extra training before they can get their licences back.