Multi Product Discount

LV= offers a different approach to multi car insurance.  unlike most companies they offer a discount for each product you take out with them as well as each car you decide to insure.

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Up to 75% no claim discount

LV= offer up to 75% no claims discount. As an optional extra you may choose to guarantee your no claim discount to protect it for the life of the policy. You need a minimum 5 years to do this.

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Easy Application Process

Unlike some insurance companies Liverpool Victoria’s quote and application process is very simple. One of the easiest we have seen. Filling in your details only takes a few minutes.

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 About Liverpool Victoria Multi Product Discount

Benefits include:

  •  Up to 75% no-claim discount with 5 years claim free.
  • Quick and easy online application process
  • UK-based call centres
  • Further discount if you insure two or more cars in the same household or have home insurance with LV=
  • 24 hour claims helpline
  • Repairs by our approved suppliers are guaranteed for 5 years

Liverpool Victoria Multi Car discount is a popular choice that gives customers a chance to insure more than one car on a single policy. This type of policy is good for a single person who owns more than one vehicle. Families who find their busy schedules require them to have two or more vehicle owners in the household will also benefit from a multi car policy.  Having multiple cars on a single insurance policy also simplifies paperwork for the client, making administration of car insurance much quicker and easier.

Generally speaking, the more cars that a client insures with LV , the more money he will save. As actual savings vary by customer, people in need of insurance must always research various options to choose the best policy for their specific needs.

One important point about the LV Multi product discount Insurance policy is that all listed cars must be registered at the same address to qualify to obtain this cover. There are no exceptions to this rule. This allows clients to insure vehicles belonging to their children or spouse, and possibly even friends or work colleagues, so long as the owners reside at the same address as the primary insurer.

About Liverpool Victoria

Liverpool Victoria, often simply known as LV, is a professional and highly respected insurance company that offers a wide variety of policies. A range of insurance, investments and saving policies are also available. Liverpool Victoria’s available insurance policies include home insurance, car insurance, pet insurance and travel insurance, as well as life cover and breakdown cover. Their life insurance policies come with income protection, mortgage payment protection and special insurance for the over-50s.

Liverpool Victoria also offers life insurance advice and financial insurance advice, including a financial check-up facility on their website. Clients may choose from various investment and savings products, such as ISAs and investment plans. In addition, Liverpool Victoria has a comprehensive range of pension and retirement plans to assist clients in planning for life after they finish working.

Whilst the company serves customers of all ages and demographics, they are especially popular with the over-50s. They have many policies that are focused on this age group and, unlike some other insurance companies, offer fair value for the price.