LV= Offer Car Insurance to All Ages

Posted on June 27, 2012 · Posted in News

LV=, or Liverpool Victoria, have recently announced that the upper age limit on its car insurance has been removed with immediate effect. The previous limit meant that those aged 86 and over couldn’t obtain car insurance from LV= unless they had already been insured with the company before reaching the age of 86.

Now, the age limit is gone, and LV=’s car insurance is available to drivers of all ages. The company’s managing director, John O’Roarke, says “LV= was one of the first insurers to remove the upper age limit on its travel insurance policies and now we are extending this to our car insurance customers.” He continues: “People are living longer and driving until much later in life and now they have peace of mind that they can continue to find cover with LV=.”

This news should affect the way people might want to think about insuring their cars; households with multiple cars can take advantage of multi-car insurance policies, many of which offer discounts on the cost of car insurance.

With the upper age limit removed, LV=’s multi-car insurance policy can now include elderly members of a household; whether we’re talking about an older couple living together or simply an older relative moving back in with their own children, multi-car insurance can now save you even money by covering more cars and drivers in one household.

Multi-car insurance is offered by many of the major insurance providers in the UK, including Admiral, Aviva and LV=. If you’re over 86 and have multiple cars that need insuring, consider LV= for your next policy.