Multi Car Insurance Discount

Get a quote for multi car insurance and receive your first Admiral MultiCar discount now. Admiral will guarantee a discounted price for other cars to join at a later date.

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Free Courtesy Hire Car

If you have to make a claim and you car is under repair with an Admiral Approved garage. All  fully comprehensive policyholders will be entitled to a free courtesy car.

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Named Driver No Claims Discount

When you take out a Admiral multi car insurance policy any named driver, not just the main driver, could earn an Admiral no claims bonus for use with Admiral policies.

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About Admiral Multi Car Insurance

A policy type that is growing in popularity is Admiral’s MultiCar Insurance Policy, which is available to those with more than one car. This car insurance policy has been designed for people that have two or more cars and wish to save money by using a multiple-car insurance policy.  Unlike some other insurance providers, Admiral does not offer a discount for insuring a second or third vehicle.  Instead, Admiral offers a single policy that can include several cars and a MultiCar discount is provided on every car – even the first.

In addition to the extra cars covered in the MultiCar policy, a number of other benefits come as standard.  These include £100,000 in Legal Protection; up to £5,000 in Personal Injury cover; a courtesy car whilst yours is under repair at an approved garage; up to £1,250 stereo cover for each car; and repair should your car suffer a chip or a crack in the windscreen.

The price charged for the MultiCar insurance policy is calculated according to a number of different factors: the type of cars; the experience of the drivers; where the cars are kept; the area in which you live; and how often the cars are used.  These are some of the factors taken into consideration when calculating the premium.

There is a possibility that you will have to pay an excess.  This is a set amount that must be paid towards the repairs of an insured vehicle.  Admiral will then pay the rest of the repair costs.  You will be made aware of any excess you must pay before you take out the MultiCar insurance policy.

About Admiral

Admiral offers policies to younger drivers, individuals that live in a city, and people who drive high performance cars. Even if you don’t fit those categories, it’s still worth your while getting a quote! Admiral offer a discount of up to 10% online.

In addition to the car insurance policies offered, they offer Admiral No Claims Bonus for named drivers, along with cover when driving on the Continent, and Legal cover.

Admiral was first launched in 1993 aiming to offer lower insurance premiums and today the company primarily sells its policies online. Drivers can request quotes and buy policies from the Admiral website, or on the phone. The company prides itself on the quality of service it offers to customers. For example, many policies offer a courtesy car while your car is under repair at one of Admiral’s approved garages, along with a 24-hour emergency helpline. Admiral also offers policy upgrades such as Breakdown cover, Personal Injury cover and Hire Car cover, so you can tailor your policy to your exact needs.

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