5 Tips Guaranteed To Reduce Your Car’s Running Costs

Posted on March 1, 2013 ยท Posted in Insurance Guides

In a tough economy, everyone is looking to catch a break wherever they can. The cost of owning and running a car is steadily rising, mostly due to higher fuel prices. Here are 5 tips guaranteed to help reduce your car’s running costs.

Drive sensibly

It is amazing what the simple act of driving sensibly can do for your vehicle’s running costs. In this day and age, the biggest expense for any car owner is gas prices. People are always looking for some new way to improve their vehicle’s fuel economy to lighten the burden on their wallets. Some even go to the extent of buying the silly contraptions advertised on late night TV. In reality, the best way to improve fuel economy of a car is not to change anything in the car. Instead, change your driving style. People, who drive more conservatively, tend to spend much less on fuel. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that driving conservatively means driving slowly. What it does mean is to not be lead-footed on the accelerator.

Ditch the extra weight

Another factor that affects fuel economy is the weight of a vehicle. A car weighs a lot by itself and the last thing it needs is to lug around extra weight that is not needed. The more weight in a car, the worse will be its performance and fuel economy. Clean out your vehicle and get rid of all the junk that has been piled up, especially in the trunk. The simple act of getting rid of junk from the car can greatly boost your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Never forgo regular maintenance

Like any machine, your car needs to undergo regular maintenance to keep running at peak performance. Ignore the car’s maintenance needs and you are inviting a world of trouble. Not changing engine oil when required, skipping transmission and brake fluids replacement, forgetting to replace the coolant are all very common lapses in judgement that can have serious consequences. For starters, your car’s fuel economy begins to suffer and you pay more for fuel. Subsequently, all kinds of problems start showing up and you end up spending a small fortune to repair the vehicle. Paying a little amount of money in the present for regular maintenance will help you avoid paying massive sums in the future.

Invest in good quality tires

When it comes to skimping, car owners usually target the tires and end up buying cheap low-quality rubber to put on the wheels. This is a huge mistake. A good quality tire actually helps improves a car’s fuel economy and the extra cost is recovered in no time. Additionally, you are less likely to get into an accident if the tires on your car have not sacrificed quality for price. Invest in good quality tires and you won’t have to end up paying repair costs just because your car spun out and landed in a ditch.

Shop around for insurance quotes

Even a small drop in your auto insurance premium can mean massive savings over the period of a year. Never hesitate to look around for insurance quotes; you might get a lower quote for the same amount of coverage or get a much higher level of coverage for the same price. Unlike the days of yore, you don’t have to pick up the phone and call multiple insurance companies; there are websites that allow you to compare and shop for car insurance online. So, you really don’t have a reason to not hunt for insurance quotes.

Keep these 5 simple tips in mind and you will notice a remarkable drop in the running costs associated with your vehicle.

About the Author

Jonathan Mayer is a financial advisor working with AutoInsuranceCenter.com and likes to write about saving money on buying and running your car.